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Livin Lively devotional books: Life Lessons, Hearing Heart and My Messages consist of short devotions that take everyday people, places and things and draw spiritual lessons from them. Through her writing, Peggy helps us to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, to see the spiritual in the simple, and recognize the eternal in our everyday.

To obtain copies of any of these books, please e-mail Peggy at Peggy@livinlively.com

Am I Satisfied? by Peggy LivelyI have read and heard so many stories of people who have “arrived” and have succeeded in all this life has to offer yet they are still dissatisfied, unfulfilled by the things of this world. Am I Satisfied? includes six chapters that examine these questions: Am I Connected? Am I Content? Am I Complaining? Am I Confident? Am I Changed? Am I Complete? It asks questions in a workbook form that help the reader examine Scripture and their own heart. It reveals why earthly things will never satisfy us and how Jesus is the only one who can bring us true contentment and satisfaction.



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The Aroma of Christ by Peggy Lively is written in a workbook form and is designed as a guide for discipleship. It consists of fourteen chapters or lessons. The first chapter looks at “What is a disciple?” and “What makes a disciple?” The following chapters discuss different qualities that a disciple of Christ should exemplify. Some of these include “Pure Thoughts,” “Thankfulness,” “Discretion,” and “Obedience.” Each chapter looks at several different passages of scripture and asks questions throughout in order to apply the scriptures personally. The chapters close with a prayer asking God for his help in refining us in each specific area. The goal of this study is for the student to look more like Christ, and for them to be the pleasant aroma of Christ to those around them.


Above Reproach by Peggy Lively is a study of I Timothy chapter three. It is written in a workbook form and consists of twelve chapters. The first two chapters define what it means to be above reproach and how we can stay above reproach. The remaining chapters discuss the list of qualities and character traits found in I Timothy chapter 3. In its original context, these were the standards that were set for those that wanted to serve in God’s house as elders or deacons. Some of these traits include: Gentleness, Self-Control, Temperance, being a Peacemaker and Respectable. Each chapter looks at several passages of scripture and also asks questions in order to challenge the reader to apply the Word personally. Each chapter closes with a prayer asking God for His help in developing each specific quality in our lives. Paul says, “I am writing you these instructions so that…you will know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household, which is the church of the living God.” (I Timothy 3:14) This verse explains the purpose and goal of this study, which is to learn how to reflect Christ’s character in the Church, and to serve Him and others well.

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